Dried Raw Ginger Rhizomes


INDO EARTH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of herbs & spices in dried, powdered & product forms. Indo Earth sells bulk, wholesale & certified Dried Raw Ginger Rhizomes grown on our farms & contract farming from the lush South Indian location. Pure, freshly packaged Non-GMO & certified Ginger.

Dried Raw Ginger Rhizomes

IndoEarth is one of the leading bulk suppliers of Ginger both in Dried form and Powdered form. Ginger is a flowering plant whose Rhizome is widely used as folk medicine and spice in curries. Ginger is one of the first spices exported from Asia, which was used by Ancient Greeks and Romans. The rhizomes are used to flavor food. Ginger also has a religious significance in Austronesians, used in rituals for spirit healing. The Ginger dried or powdered manufactured and supplied by IndoEarth are collected directly from farmers and processed with in few hours of  bulk procurement and also packed as soon as processed, so The aroma is at the best with best in quality. 


Ginger is a popular ingredient used in cooking, especially in Indian and Asian cuisine. It is being used as medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Ginger give powerful benefits for your brain and body because it has bioactive compounds and nutrients. If you are looking for bulk vendors and supplier for buying Dried Raw Ginger or powder at best low prices then Indoearth is the answer for your quest. Being bulk supplier as well as the manufacturer.


Ginger is used in different forms, which include fresh, dried, preserved, pickled, candied, crystallized, and ground or powdered. Gingerols and shogaols are the important compounds by which we get the flavor of slightly sweet, peppery, spicy, and strong aroma. The ginger rhizomes have the ability to fight at least about ten viruses


Uses or Benefits Of Dried Raw Ginger Rhizomes:


Treats Respiratory Problems:

Ginger is powerful in treating allergies because of its antihistamine properties. It prevents airway contraction and helps in restoring mucus. A teaspoon of ginger juice and honey is a natural remedy for colds and flu; it also helps in removing the blockage of nose and throat due to cold. Ginger also has the power of healing asthma when mixed with Fenugreek seed. 


Lowers Blood Sugar Level:

Adding ginger to your diet, lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and also help in developing blood sugar levels. Taking ginger regularly helps in improving insulin sensitivity. Ginger helps in regulating insulin and makes the metabolism active, which reduces the risk of diabetes.


Treating Nausea:

Ginger is used as a natural medicine for nausea; Cancer patients undergoing through Chemotherapy ginger roots prevent the symptoms of vomiting and nausea. HIV patients undergoing medication also causes nausea. Ginger is used for people who have undergone through surgery to make them free from nausea and also helps in speed regulation of body functions. Ginger also treats headaches and migraines. Buy bulk herbs and powders for Hospitals and Personal use from the vendors directly.

Reduces Menstrual Pain:

Raise of prostaglandins levels increase menstrual cramps; ginger helps in reducing the levels of prostaglandins and relieves from cramps. Ginger has antibacterial properties, which reduces the spreading and growth of bacterial infection during menstruation. Ginger can be taken directly or in the form of tea to reduce the cramps. It helps in reducing the menstruation intensity and duration of pain.


lowers cholesterol levels:

Cholesterol is important to health because it helps from bile production to manufacturing hormones, but excess levels of cholesterol can cause blockages, which increases the rate of heart diseases. but, some studies show that ginger prevents internal blood clotting and also helps in reducing cholesterol


Why to Buy Bulk Dried Raw Ginger or Ginger Powder in Wholesale from IndoEarth.?


IndoEarth being one of the leading manufacturers and bulk Suppliers of Herbs and Powders such as Ginger Rhizomes in both powdered and raw dried. The Ginger dried powder manufactured and supplied by IndoEarth are collected directly from farmers and processed with in few hours of  bulk procurement and also packed as soon as processed, so The aroma, color and taste is at the best with best in quality. So, If you are looking for large quantities of dried ginger dried or powdered then IndoEarth is the quench for your search thirst.

Dried Raw Ginger Rhizomes

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