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“The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine.”- William Osler


William Osler, one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins hospital can never be more right with the above quote. Man has been so indifferent towards mother earth that he bears the consequences of his misdeeds by compromising his health. Nature has so many beneficial products to man but he ignores it and turns to man-made chemical products giving his lack of time an excuse to use them. We at Indoearth, have realized this scenario and have decided to unite man with nature by helping to provide innumerable ready-to-use products to the people with raw materials sourced from local farmers. One such product is the mint leaves powder. To make it your order online and just relax while it is delivered at your doorstep.



Mint leaves, commonly called pudina in India are aromatic perennial herbs and can be grown all year round, tolerating a wide range of conditions. Due to this property, mints are the most preferred plants for any home garden. The most common varieties are spearmint and peppermint. An herb that has been used from ancient times for both medicinal and beauty purposes is this Pudina Leaves Powder.


Nutritional value:

Mint leaves are packed with vitamins A, C and B6 and hence are good for healthy skin. They also contain Menthol, an ingredient which exhibits cooling properties.


Medicinal Uses:

  • Stomach problems- Rich in antioxidants, mint leaves powder can be used as a remedy for stomach cramps, indigestion, ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome. Mint tea also serves as a good appetizer. It also relieves nausea.
  • Oral problems- Mint leaves powder can be mixed with sea salt and used as a mouth wash as it has antibacterial properties and refreshing taste. No wonder mint is the most sought after ingredient in all kinds of toothpaste.
  • For immunity- Mint leaves powder is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants. Drinking water with mint leaves powder or brewing a concoction with the same for a mint tea will greatly help in improving immunity.
  • Cough and cold- Menthol found in mint leaves help open nasal passages and is a great comfort drink when you are down with flu. Mint leaves powder can be used while steaming with hot water and it relieves nasal congestion.
  • For aches and pains- Mint tea is also a good remedy for treating body aches and headaches. It has antispasmodic properties thereby reducing menstrual pain.

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Culinary uses of mint leaves powder:

A very refreshing herb, mint leaves add zest and flavor to many dishes. Mint leaves powder is a good substitute for the fresh leaves as it is easy to store and use all through the year. Mint leaves powder to have a variety of use in our kitchen. Some of them are:


  • Mint leaves powder can be added to drinks to create a fusion of interesting flavor. It can be added to plain water, alcoholic beverages like mojito or just used to make a simple Mint Julep or mint lemonade.
  • Mint leaves powder can be used in an assortment of Middle East dishes like the Tabouli and the toasted Israeli couscous salad.
  • Mint also complements a diverse of meat dishes like the lamb and poultry. Mint leaves powder can be used to season poultry or to marinate the lamb.
  • Indian cuisine has a never-ending use for the mint leaves powder. From making panipuri to mint sauce and chutneys, raita to biryani, a dash of mint leaves powder can set almost anything right.

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Use in Cosmetics:


  • As a mouth freshener- Most of the commercially available mouth fresheners contain artificial sweeteners and hence add on to the calorific value, whereas consumption of mint leaves powder in a glass of water not only relives the mouth of bad odour but is also zero caloric in value.
  • Body slimming infusion drink- An extremely refreshing, body slimming drink to lose weight with minimal effort is to add a tablespoon of mint leaves powder in one liter of water along with some ginger, lemon, and black salt and consume in empty stomach every morning. This drink will flush away your toxins present in the body and boosts your metabolism, thereby aiding in burning calories.
  • As acne soothing toner- A paste of mint leaves powder, rose water, lemon juice, and distilled water, when applied twice in a day on the face cures skin problems related to acne. the astringent and cooling properties of mint heal acne, calms down skin redness or inflammation, lightens dark spots and blemishes and gives the skin clear, fair and acne-free face.
  • Homemade moisturizing mint lip balm- Who is not in love with smooth, pink lustrous lips? Discover the same by making this lip balm at home. Mix 1 tbsp of mint leaves powder and mix with 1 tbsp of shea butter. Wipe your lips with a cotton bud dipped in rose water and apply the mint shea butter paste regularly at night. Shea butter moisturizes your lips whereas the mint leaves powder removes tan, lightens your dark lips and gives you healthy, bright, pink lips because it contains a good amount of Vitamin A and C.
  • Mint hair mask- Make a smooth paste with mint leaves powder, yogurt, and lemon juice and apply this paste for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water. Mint leaves powder helps in eliminating smelly hair and scalp. Its antifungal properties also cure itchy scalp.
  • Face scrub- A mixture of mint leaves powder, milk and honey forms a good face scrub. The mint leaves powder deep cleanses the skin, leaving it radiant and healthy.
  • To remove dark circles- Mint leaves powder mixed in rose water is extremely useful in curing the dark patches under the eye.
  • For softening cracked heels- A paste of mint leaves powder, milk and petroleum jelly when applied regularly over cracked heels is sure to reveal soft, smooth and beautiful feet.


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Dried Mint Leaves Powder / Pudina Leaves Powder

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