INDO EARTH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of herbs and spices in dried, powdered and product forms. Indo Earth sells bulk, wholesale and certified Dried Methi Fenugreek leaves grown on our farms and contract farming from the lush South Indian location. Pure, freshly packaged Non-GMO and certified Methi leaves. 


How important is dried methi leaves in your pantry to bring in the legacy of nature's excellence?

         Aside from boosting happiness, positive emotion and beneficence, exposure to nature also has a lot of physical and mental health benefits.  Another product from Indo Earth is dried methi leaves which are also known as Kasthuri Methi.  A regular Indian herb plus a primitive spice used for flavoring various dishes.  This dried fenugreek leaves inspire of having a bitter taste when added to any recipe, it tingles the taste buds. 

         Dried methi leaves are three times more potent when it comes to flavour and also its stable during storage. Kasthuri Methi is consumed directly and also used as a food additive as well as in medicines.  If you are unique, and little bit exotic taste in your dishes, you undoubtedly want to learn all about Kasthuri Methi.

How can Kasthuri Methi help us be healthy?

  • Reduces heart problems: It supports in decreasing the chances of unanticipated blood clotting in the heart.  It includes strong antioxidant agents.  It also aids in safeguarding other antioxidants that are generated internally from any kind of damage.  It protects the body against a range of chronic illnesses.
  • Gives lustrous and long hair:  Applying thick paste of Kasthuri methi on scalp and rinsing it off after 30-40 minutes twice a week promotes lustrous and long hair.  It is an excellent alternative for unsafe and chemical shampoos damaging the hair.
  • Shield from Kidney problems:  Different medical researchers named dried methi leaves as a very useful medium for battling not only kidney problems but also boils and mouth ulcers and beriberi disease among various others.
  • Helps reduce blemishes:  These are highly beneficial in reducing blemishes and marks on the skin.  Crush this dried methi leaves as a powder and just mix a few drops of water in this powder. Then blend till it becomes smooth and then apply the paste on the face and leave it for some time. Clean it out using wet cotton and the difference will be seen in few weeks.
  • Favourable to Breast feeding mothers: Taking dried methi leaves helps in improving milk flow in breastfeeding mothers and serves better when included in their daily diet.
  • Relives curb fever: Herbal tea made with this dried methi leaves powder is an excellent way of bringing the temperature down in case of high fever and thus can serve as the best homemade medicine for fever.
  • Prevents hair loss:  Dried methi leaves when mixed with coconut milk and applied to the scalp avoids hair loss, greying of hair and also makes the hair silky and soft.  Greying of hair can be prevented by massaging this paste onto the scalp.
  • Prevents dandruff:  It helps in preventing of dandruff by mixing dried leaves with a small amount of vinegar and directly applied on the scalp.
  • Beauty benefits:  This methi leaves paste mixed with some turmeric powder avoids blackheads and pimples. If you are adding in boiled milk, it will help in preventing lines and wrinkles. The skin colour gets shine.
  • Adding this dried fenugreek leaves powder to your daily meals can help to reduce bad cholesterol, aid weight loss by facilitating digestion and bowel movement.
  • Kasthuri Methi powder also control diabetes by regulating the absorption of sugar by the body.
  • Dried fenugreek leaves are similar to other herbs in terms of nutritional benefits.  They are very low in fat, with lots of calcium and a bit of iron. You will get some fiber also.


Recipe usages:

         Dried fenugreek leaves add heaps of flavour to a dish.  Here are some yummy recipes with Kasthuri Methi to make you a smart cook....

1.  Aloo Kasthuri Methi : In Aloo Sabzi add  Kasthuri Methi before the final stage and mix well.  It enhances the flavour of sabzi more and makes the dish tasty.

2. Kasthuri Methi Poori: Mix the whole wheat flour and Kasthuri Methi. Prepare the thick dough by adding salt and a little amount of water then make the poori.  These dried fenugreek leaves have a peculiar taste and flavour which makes the poori very tasty.

3.  Chicken with dried fenugreek leaves:  In hot water add ¼ cup dried fenugreek leaves and leave it aside.  Drain the fenugreek leaves, discard the water and add the leaves in the marinated chicken. Decorate this dried fenugreek leaves at the final stage by just crushing it with your palms. It makes the dish more delicious.

4. Fenugreek Tea for Diabetes: Boil one cup of water.  Add 1tbsp of dried fenugreek leaves and 1 tbsp of fenugreek seed and let it boil for about 10 minutes.  Strain it and add honey (if you don’t like the bitter taste).  To see a drastic change in your blood glucose levels, have this tea twice a day.

         Marvellous cooking is inspired by the simple things like the selection of your spices.  This Kasthuri Methi makes a dish with love and it pleases every roof of the mouth.  Order online and try it to feel it!


Esculent uses of Dried Fenugreek Leaves:

  • Add to whole wheat dough to make flavourful rotis and parathas.
  • Squash methi eaves and spread over just before serving for an unforgettable exotic flavour.  Whether it is a chat or main dish or side dish it just taste awesome.
  • Roast and crush it before adding to subzis, to increase the flavour and aroma.
  • This is a seasonal herb in various vegetarian dishes and used for garnishing.
  • This herb is commonly added in pickles, as a garnish in salads, soups, pasta and stir fries.


A little more to not miss about Kasthuri Methi :

  • Protects from cancer and it has extraordinary medical value.
  • It is rich in Vitamin A, B6 & C hence good for curing constipation problems and all kinds of stomach troubles.
  • It is used in soaps and cosmetics also and has innumerable medicinal values.


         It’s one of the herbs with innumerable health benefits and famous for its fragrance.  Its strong aroma and distinctive flavour fascinates your taste buds!  On seeing these benefits you will start using it for sure.

     Your cupboard full of spices should include dried fenugreek leaves also.  You can heal most of your skin, hair and health problems with this natural wonder... We assure that there is no replacement for Kasthuri methi.  Hence Go with nature and Stay herbal!!  Purchase online from your Indoearth and get the wonder spice working on your body.  You might also be interested in dried mango leaves and mango leaves powder. 

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