INDO EARTH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers & suppliers of herbs and spices in dried, powdered & product forms. Indo Earth sells bulk, wholesale & certified hibiscus flower powder grown on our farms & contract farming from the lush South Indian location. Pure, freshly packaged Non-GMO, certified hibiscus flower powder. You might also be interested in our Dried Green Banana Powder for Bulk Supply


Coalesce with Nature to be the healthiest person ever! When nature joins hands with your body, health is assured and beauty is a bonus! One such product is this dried hibiscus petals powder from Indo Earth, world’s leading suppliers of bulk herbal products. A petal with the highest medicinal value is hibiscus petals only.


Why should you not learn how to use these for your well-being dudes?

Various ways of using dried hibiscus petals powder: An herbal tea with a tangy taste: When you need to have the real refreshment drink, pick dried hibiscus petals powder to make the best drink ever. Wondering how? You can prepare hibiscus tea in two ways.


An energizing hot tea: A medicinal tea with loaded health benefits like rich antioxidants, Vitamin C and minerals has a very easy recipe preparation. It is believed firmly to reduce high blood pressure. All you need to do is boil 1 cup of water and pour it over 2 teaspoons of dried hibiscus petals powder. Set it aside for a few minutes. Stir well, strain the powder out using a tea filter and add some honey, sugar or any preferred sweetener of your choice to taste.


Note: **You can even add some mint leaves to the boiling water if you wish to have a lingering effect on your tongue. ** You can even add cinnamon, mint or limed wedge as garnish for the tea to give more flavor and aroma.


A reviving iced beverage: To enjoy the true experience of having a real cool red cola drink, you should definitely try this hibiscus iced beverage. Either you can mix the dried hibiscus petals powder in cold water and refrigerate overnight to prepare the bracing red tea. Then add some mint (You can also use our dried mint leaves powder which we sell supply in bulk and small quantities as well), lemon or cinnamon to flavor it. Or you can use the same method as preparing a hot tea and allow it to cool, and then add some ice and mint to it if you need to instantly serve it to your guests. Order online from Indo Earth and surprise your guests with the best natural tea!


Ideal Natural Beauty Care: Beauty begets beauty only! Become beautiful but with less chemicals and more blended with nature to retain your beauty for a longer time is what we feel with our products from Indo Earth. Dried hibiscus petals powder can be used in beauty care as below.


Powerful anti-aging herb: Make a face pack by mixing this dried hibiscus petals powder with brown rice powder, required quantity of aloe vera gel, plain yogurt, and then apply it on your skin for 20 to 30 minutes to lift and firm up your skin. It actually inhibits elastase, an enzyme which helps to break down elastin in your skin. This results in enhancing elasticity in your skin and ultimately makes your skin look more youthful. It also evens out skin tone, removes dark spots or hyper pigmentation. It controls acne and pimples too!


Prevent hair loss: Strengthen the roots of your hair and make it grow stronger and thicker by using dried hibiscus petals powder. When used on a regular basis by mixing with henna or even curd and applied on scalp, it gives the maximum benefits than any other hair growth guaranteeing products.


Get rid of premature hair-graying: When you use shampoo or chemical based hair colors, it causes different types of side-effects as headaches. But instead you can better prevent hair graying priorly by using a mixture of dried hibiscus petals powder with amla powder and curd or water, applying it on your scalp and hair, and then rinse it with warm water after half an hour.


Dandruff cure: When you use hibiscus powder with lemon juice and apply it on your hair, you are sure to get rid of dandruffs and this acts as a hair mask for a nourished, healthy and strong hair.


For thicker eyebrows: Make your eyebrows thicker by mixing equal proportions of dried hibiscus petals powder with coconut oil and add a little castor oil too. Apply this on your eyebrows every night for around 1 month and see how it grows? You are sure to be astonished of having beautiful thick brows.


Natural hair coloring agent: If you wish to have an alluring dark brown hair, then all you need to do is mix hibiscus petal powder with coffee powder and apply it on your hair, then rinse it off. When mixed with mehendi or methi, it gives a shiny, golden, black hair which is also strong enough. There are no side-effects unlike the other chemicals used for hair dyeing.


Genuine moisturizer: Naturally available high mucilage content makes this dried hibiscus petals powder a best moisturizer. It has a slimy and slippery texture which is highly moisturizing.


Cure your cold with hibiscus petals powder: Stop sneezing all the while out of your sinuses and cure cold in a jiffy with this herbal remedy. Mix dried hibiscus petals powder with honey and consume it daily in the morning in empty stomach to get the best benefits. Note: In case you are under any medication already, please confirm with your doctor once.


Benefits of Dried Hibiscus Petals Powder: Hibiscus plant petals have innumerous benefits out of which a few that you need to know are jotted down here for you. Keeps your body cool in the prickly heat of summer too. A miracle petal which cures cancer. Lowers your blood pressure levels when consumed regularly in warm water. Reduces cholesterol levels and keeps you fit. Helps women with menstrual cramps.Keeps your liver healthy and keeps your body fresh always. Aids digestion and helps in weight management. Prevents hypertension. Contains minerals such as flavonoids and has exclusive laxative properties which help you to easily get rid of constipation troubles. Fights against bacteria. Boosts your memory. Detoxifies your kidney and keeps you hale and healthy. When you know so much about dried hibiscus petals powder, you would not hesitate to order it from us as we at Indo Earth care for you and your health. Thanks for being with us so long to know how we can help you! Do visit our other wholesome, healthful, safe and clean dried raw herbs and spices, powdered raw herbs and spices along with other herbal products and get the most benefits out of it! We are waiting to serve you. Customer is the king of our business!

Dried Hibiscus Flowers Powder

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