Indo Earth is one of the leading Bulk suppliers of Curry Leaves Powder which is cultivated in our own farms in India by contract farming methods. Best natural agricultural practices are maintained to achieve best quality, pesticide & chemical free Curry Leaves.

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet & in the cause & prevention of disease”- Thomas A Edison

         The rapidly deteriorating health of man can only be attributed to his selfishness. When we harm nature & the environment we are self-inflicting greater damages to ourselves. The technological advances have become more a bane than a boon, resulting in various new forms of diseases & flourishing pharmaceutical industries. Thomas Alva Edison has rightly quoted years back that to live a better & longer life, the doctors must resort to a good diet, which includes a wide variety of herbs & herbal products, sans any chemicals. We, at Indoearth, with a sense of commitment to the environment & to the society live in & have developed many chemical-free herbal products from nature like curry leaves powder, shikakai powder, turmeric powder in bulk & many more. They serve not only medicinal purposes but also contribute to the aesthetic beauty of an individual.

         Not many are aware of the different uses our ancient herbs can be put into. This could be one reason why the present generation is turning to chemical products & its derivatives. Advertisements & social media add zing to these man-made products. We at Indoearth, take this opportunity to educate the people through this social media platform.  Buy online from us to get the pure curry leaves powder ever.

History & etymology:

Curry leaves also known as kariveppilai, Kari pattha, Karivepaku & various other regional names in each state of India is a very common & highly aromatic spice used in Indian cuisine. It finds wide usage in India & Srilanka & with immigrants finds its way to Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand.

Curry leaves, one of the most important seasoning ingredients which enhance the flavour of all dishes.  At Indoearth, we have come up with the curry leaves powder, which will help you to enjoy the full benefits of the curry leaf without causing hindrance to your palate.  

Nutritional value of curry leaves:

Curry leaves are rich in several nutrients. 66.3% moisture content & 6.1% protein, it also has high quantities of iron, phosphorous, vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, fibre & nicotinic acid. Rich in antioxidants.

Why Dried Curry Leaves Powder?

  • Weight loss- Surprising as it may sound; curry leaves powder aids in weight loss because of the presence of carbazole alkaloids. These alkaloids help in regulating cholesterol & work against weight gain.
  • Gastrointestinal protection- Curry leaves powder mixed with a dash of lime juice is used in Ayurveda as a treatment for gastrointestinal issues. 
  • Stops diarrhoea & dysentery- Curry leaves powder is a wonderful remedy for treating an upset stomach. Mix it with buttermilk for efficient bowel movement.
  • Antioxidant- Being a very good source of vitamins A, B, C & E, curry leaves powder has antioxidant properties. These vitamins assist in decreasing oxidative stress & free radical scavenging activity, helpful in fighting & preventing cancer.
  • Anti-diabetic property- Regular use of dried curry leaves powder is known to be very effective in controlling diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels. Protect the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas & prevent damage caused by free radicals. Minerals like copper, iron & zinc in the curry leaves powder are responsible for this function.
  • Relieves morning sickness & nausea- Curry leaves powder when consumed early in the morning, can cause great relief from nausea.
  • Anti-bacterial - Curry leaves powder is full of carbazole alkaloids which are compounds with antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. Also contains compound linalool which has anti-bacteria properties. Helps in eliminating harmful free radicals from the body.
  • Good for eyesight- Curry leaves powder is having a beneficial effect on eyesight, preventing the early onset of cataract, owing to its rich content of vitamin A.
  • Reduce stress - The essential oil of curry leaves powder can help in reducing stress effectively, thereby causing less anxiety & depression. Calming effect of the scent of curry leaves, due to the presence of a compound called linalool.
  • Heals burns, wounds & skin eruptions- Curry leaves powder can be made into a paste with water & applied directly on skin burns, bruises, eruptions, boils & left overnight for effective results. It heals quickly than regular medicines.
  • Hair growth- Regular uses of curry leaves powder seeped in pure coconut oil & applied on the hair stimulates the hair follicles & promotes the growth of healthy strands of hair. Hair loss & premature greying of hair has been dealt effectively this way from ancient times. Free you from dandruff & flaky scalp by using our IndoEarth’s fresh curry leaves powder.  Also use our shikakai powder for a healthy, glossy & thick hair.  Purchase online & get benefited from the best powders ever!
  • Improves memory- Incorporating dried curry leaves powder in your diet can have beneficial effects on your memory. Helps disorders such as Alzheimer's.
  • Curing anaemia- Rich in iron & folic acid, curry leaves powder beats anaemia & increases haemoglobin level.
  • Liver protector- A storehouse of a powerful antioxidant called kaempferol is there in curry leaves powder & it protects the liver from oxidative stress & harmful toxins, helping to cure Hepatitis & Cirrhosis.

Culinary Uses:

  • Instantly spice your buttermilk, yoghurt, salads & curries with our curry leaves powder.
  • Chutneys, podis can be made with this powder too.
  • Add it to make a differently flavoured green tea.
  • A great flavouring agent for all rasams & soups

Curry leaves powder is a great substitute to the fresh leaves which doesn’t have more than 5 days shelf life. This is where curry leaves powder from Indoearth is a saviour as you can use it effectively throughout the year. We, at Indoearth, believe that healthy eating begins from choosing healthy ingredients & have come up with the idea of converting leaves & herbs to powders to ensure our customers enjoy the benefits in any season.


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