Frequently asked questions

Where is IndoEarth company based out of?

IndoEarth is based out of India with offices in India and USA. But catering to customers of 62 countries and expanding rapidly. Yes, we ship to any part of the world where a wheel can travel.

Why should we buy from IndoEarth?

IndoEarth is the only company in India with it's own farms. Meaning control on quality, lead time and quantity. We are also tied up with hundreds of contract farmers that can produce what we need and when we need it. IndoEarth also have processing centers to process the produce as per customer requirements.

What kind of products IndoEarth deals with?

IndoEarth deals with any product that is produced by Nature. Yes !, From medicinal grass to sophisticated Ayurveda products used in traditional Ayurveda to Modern Ayurveda. Every things from RAW DRIED to Final Product.

What is the lead time you need for any product?

Depending on the quantity and product client needs. Sometimes clients give us a new product altogether and asks us to cultivate for them and give them in particular form. Some clients ask for something we have right on the shelves. So, It all depends.

What are the payment terms?

IndoEarth has a very stringent payment rules to protect clients as well as ourselfs.

  • Cash-in-Advance

  • Letters of Credit

  • Documentary Collections

  • Open Account

  • Consignment

What if I don't find my question here?

Yes, this happens at times that you can't find the question and answer you are looking for. So, we have created our contact us page. So, Please CONTACT US